Investing was never so easy? Meet the Business App and its Creator Jack Daniels “Nelo”

Vents Magazine - 01/27/2021
When in October 2019, I said that a possible economic crisis could occur in 2020, the bank for which I worked as a stockbroker and market analyst, I wonder if it had gone crazy?

Currently I have founded my own investment fund and financial holding Nelo™ Group, and my former employers and even government institutions such as the United States and England have to make an appointment to be able to create simulations with the financial algorithm that I developed a few months ago, the same algorithm that I use to develop all my ideas.
He is Jack Daniels “Nelo” Financial analyst and stockbroker with more than 4 year’s experience, who has created a financial algorithm which uses a virtual stockbroker through his most recent Business App project, which indicates signals and trading opportunities for investors anywhere in the world.
How was the development of the Business App and the algorithm?
The truth was quite difficult, but not impossible. Starting a business as an Investment fund in the midst of the global economic crisis was not easy, it was epic … besides the fact that I had been having very difficult situations in my personal life, because a few months ago my wife suffered the loss of our twin pregnancy, At the time I was very depressed, but how could I get the strength and conviction to move on.
I looked for many investors to support my initial idea, I sent more than 5000 proposals to friends, banks, investment funds, crowdfundings around the world, and the few who answered their answers were negative, whose answers were, that if it was a joke, that something that way I could never exist, that I was wasting my time, that I was looking for a job and well, many answers of that style (laughs).
What those answers did was to encourage me more and more to finish it, in the end I had to learn web development html, mysql, Python and other codes, until I spent seven days and seven nights working continuously, because fatigue or sleep stopped me to be able developing the algorithm, I solved the problem myself and got it to work, as waiting for an investment from a third party was not an option and I couldn’t afford developers.
How do I start the business then, if you didn’t have the money?
With my last $ 300 USD I managed to register the business name Business App, and a web hosting, with a good marketing strategy that I had developed months ago in Nelo ™ Digital the marketing division, actually my wife at that time (laughs again) From day one, she always believed and supported me in this project, in a few weeks I was able to connect with the target market and in a few months, there were more than 100,000 users who were using the web platform.
Jack why not a Broker?
There are already too many brokers, there are many platforms that tell you where to make money, what had never been created was a platform that told you how to earn that money, that was what inspired me to create Business App, that everyone could use it from one institution with its sophisticated computers, even an investor anywhere in the world from his cell phone, it is something simple to use in reality, you just have to wait for the signal, open your trusted broker and invest, that’s all.
It is not the only project you are currently working on, is it correct?
It is correct, as I told you a few moments ago, the main idea has always been to have a financial holding company, with different divisions, such as Nelo™ Digital It is the Marketing division; the basis is a marketing strategy whose mainstay is to do a lot with little money. So, the result is equal to or better than the campaigns offered by other marketing companies, the idea is to reduce costs and focus the campaigns so that they reach the right audience.
Nelo™ Motors Whose main objective is the development of an electric motor with an autonomy of 26000 Kilometers, the development, although progressing slowly, is already quite advanced, soon the technical tests will begin.
Nelo™ Solar It is a Solar Energy program for rural areas whose access to energy is not very accessible.
Nelo™ Space Well this is a bit more confidential project, but let’s say the basis of the project is the curvature engine theory of space and time to break the laws of motion, I can only say that. The idea is also to create a space program with new and less expensive technologies so that trips to outer space are increasingly accessible and safe.
Nelo™ Tech This division is focused on the creation of new technologies such as AI’s that help improve the lifestyle.
All Stars It is my first company is a record label, now the expansion plan is focused on the digital distribution of musical content.
Jack Daniels Entertainment This is digital entertainment is one of my first projects and many other projects that I am developing.
But I am currently focused on giving Business App autonomy to be able to focus on developing the other projects which I currently have many collaborators around the world, who share my thought of improving our existence every day.
Could I say that you are like Tony Star or Elon Musk, maybe?
The truth is great that you say it like that, but it is not a competition you know, I have always admired Mr. Elon Musk for the vision he has, never stopping even if it is the worst moment, I hope one day I can work with him, and well Tony Star and his eccentricities is one of my favorite comics.
The truth is that I want to be the first Nelo, that each project I carry out is bigger than the previous one.
What can you say about 2020 and Covid-19?
In my personal opinion, it was possible to face it differently and avoid mistakes along the way, but many governments were not prepared for what was going to happen, there was no precedent, currently most people have become aware and are taking the precautions of distancing, there is still much to improve along the way, but if we continue like this very soon we will have a vaccine and little by little everything will return to normal, what should be borne in mind now is what is currently happening with the markets and main currencies of the world, this could possibly lead us to a new economic collapse which I can name as “the 2021 Dollar Crisis”.
There you have Jack Daniels “Nelo” a 26-year-old young man, born in Yarumal, Antioquia – Colombia With gigantic ambitions, fascinating projects, fearless and visionary, a clear example that in adversity, giving up is not an option. He is one more businessman and entrepreneur who joins the cause of improving people’s lives with new technologies.